Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Feature Request? Bug Report?

A: You can try submitting a question/comment over GitHub or Twitter.

Q: How do I get the badge?

A: Until it is automated. Please view your Destiny 1 profile at and wait for the nightly check.

Q: How do I get the badge?

A: Please donate via paypal and please include the words DestinyStatus & platform name and gamertag.

Q: How do I fix this privacy error?

A: Either sign in or disable privacy settings on your account. If you are viewing someone else, that is their wish and cannot be changed.

Q: Why are PC names unclickable on clan leaderboards?

A: Blizzard believes that uniquely identifying names is bad. So we only receive the part of name before pound sign. Bungie resolves this by including a unique membershipId, but if your system doesn't log/store that data you cannot connect the two.

Q: Why is hard mode raid missing?

A: We developed based on the "milestone" feature, which was a complete mistake. There are milestones for talking to people, completing activities, etc. Hard Mode is not one of those things, in a future version this will no longer be a problem.